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To bend or to bend over is to curve to one side. For example, a road can bend to the left or right. Bend can also be used as a noun, to say that there is a bend, curve, in the road. Figuratively, to bend means to force something straight into a curve or angle.
Ex: The road will bend to the right when you get to the bottom of the steep hill. After that, you'll follow the road for two miles until you see our house on the right.
Ex: Francesca told us we had better slow down as we went around the bend. It's a sharp curve and the road is narrow, and she had an accident there last year.
You can bend your knee to someone else, meaning to put yourself in a humbling position, to ask them for something. If you ask for something on bended knees you ask very politely and with a lot of emotion.
Ex: Jeremy was so determined to get into the Army, even though his father wanted him to go to medical school, that he was ready to go on bended knees and beg for his permission.

Ex: Stephen was so sorry for all he had done to hurt Angelina and their children over the years, that he went to her on bended knees to ask for her forgiveness.

Pull Over

To pull over is to move to the side of the road or off the road. A policeman may turn on his sirens to let a driver know that he needs to pull over.
Ex: The ambulance driver behind me has turned on his sirens, so I need to pull over and let him pass me. It must be a medical emergency.
Ex: Your car does not sound right. I think you may have engine trouble. You should pull over so we can check it.
Another use of pull over is for clothing. A pullover sweater or shirt is one that goes over the head of any person and it does not have buttons.
Ex: Julie bought a beautiful new green and blue pullover for her sister Annie's birthday, to make up for forgetting her birthday last year.
Ex: Since my son is only three and does not know how to do buttons yet, we buy him a lot of pullover shirts. They are easier for him to put on by himself.

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