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Wise describes someone who has the power to see and judge what is right or true. It can also mean sensible. The noun form is wisdom, so someone who is wise possesses wisdom.
Ex: King Solomon is portrayed in the bible as a wise man, and the story about determining the rightful mother from two women claiming a child is often repeated.
Ex: One who always makes the right decision is said to have the wisdom of Solomon, renowned in the bible for his judgment of people and situations.
Penny-wise and pound-foolish is a phrase that describes someone who pays attention to unimportant things while ignoring the big issues in life. Wise up means to realize the truth about something or accept the facts.
Ex: My mother will pay three pounds for a gallon of petrol to drive to the next town to save ten pence on a case of drinks. It's clear to me that she is penny-wise and pound-foolish.
Ex: My brother better wise up and take his studies seriously, or he'll never get into the college he has dreamed about for years.


A clever person is one who displays creativity or originality. He or she may also be good with his hands, using them to build or make something easily. Clever is used to describe objects or ideas that exhibit originality.
Ex: Using old sweatshirts to make cat beds is a clever idea, as it recycles a useless article of clothing and keeps cats off the furniture.
Ex: Sophie is clever with a pair of knitting needles, and her family members benefit from her skill. They all receive beautiful scarves and mittens for Christmas each year.
Cleverness is the noun form of clever, and it is the ability to be creative or original in thought or action.Too clever by half is a British idiom that describes someone who annoys others by being too confident in his own intelligence.
Ex: Kevin's intelligence and cleverness are evident each time he presents an argument in a debating competition. In fact, those qualities make it difficult for his opponents to win.
Ex: Stanley's arrogance towards others he considered less intelligent than he caused his classmates to describe him as too clever by half.
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