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A bond is a force that unites two or more things. In the physical world, a bond can be created between two objects, such as a magnetic bond, a being bonded with glue. In the figurative sense, a bond is an attraction that a person feels for another or for something significant.
Ex: The bond created by the epoxy glue was so strong that when I made a mistake putting together my cousin's model aeroplane, it couldn't be undone.
Ex: Even though Heather does not know her eldest sister as well as her other siblings, due to a 12-year separation in ages, she nonetheless feels a bond with her.
To be bonded is an expression that means one has passed a background investigation and is insured to work with and around items of value. It is a synonym for certified. For example, to work in a bank, one is bonded by an insurance agency to ensure against financial loss to the bank should an employee steal money. So a bonded company or agency has insurance in order to protect their customers.
Ex: The family made sure she chose a fully bonded travel company when booking their trip, as they wanted to be sure they were protected against every eventuality.
Ex: I will not be able to start work at the bank until the process of being bonded is complete, so for now, I am still considered a trainee.


Fondness is a tendency to like or have an affection for someone or something. If you have a fondness for something, you like it.
Ex: I think of my childhood with fondness, as growing up on a farm offered the opportunity for many adventures with my brothers and sisters.
Ex: Shannon has a fondness for chocolate caramel, especially when it is made with a bit of sea salt sprinkled on top.
To be fond of something is to like it or have an affection for it. For example, one could be fond of apricots, a certain type of cats, or even another person.
Ex: Although I am very fond of her, Michelle must know she cannot expect me to overlook her poor performance at work.
Ex: Just because he is so fond of the theater, my husband and I purchased season tickets to our local playhouse for my youngest brother.
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