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Confinement describes imprisonment, limitation or restriction to a certain area or space. If someone is in confinement, they are not allowed out of a certain area. An archaic use of the word refers to the time a woman would remove herself from public view when pregnant, as in she had reached the time of her confinement.
Ex: The man felt that his office was a place of confinement, and that he needed to escape on a holiday somewhere far away.
Ex: His confinement to his cell after he caused a scene in the mess hall made the criminal feel even more restricted that when he had first entered the state prison.
Solitary confinement is an expression used to describe isolation from other people in a prison setting. It is also used to describe when dangerous criminals are placed in a cell with no companions as added punishment or to protect other prisoners from potential harm.
Ex: Sitting in the little cubicle in the far corner of the office, the employee felt as if he were in solitary confinement, and amused himself by wondering what crime he could have committed.
Ex: The triple convict was placed in high security solitary confinement to protect the other prisoners in the jail, as he had a history of violent acts.


The word rate refers to the speed or number of times that something happens over a specific amount of time.
Ex: The train accelerated to a rate of eighty-five miles per hour giving us a blurred view of the scenery we were speeding by.
Ex: Cars driven by teenagers in our county have accidents at a rate of one per day. I find fault with their ability to concentrate while driving.
The word rate also refers to a fixed cost per unit. The popular phrase at any rate means anyway or at least.
Ex: Buying food for my family in bulk was a stroke of genius. I buy chicken at the rate of seventy-five pence a pound!
Ex: That film was bizarre! I did not enjoy it, but it can be considered someone's personal perspective on the world at any rate.
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