Video appunto: Bed and Board and Lodging

Bed And Board

Bed and board means a place to sleep (bed) and food (board). Bed and board is a more or less permanent arrangement. A parent provides bed and board for a child, usually until he or she reaches adulthood.
Jesse's father threatened that he would no longer provide bed and board for his son, since he would not follow the family's rules.

Karen has a full scholarship to the university, so the only expenses she has to pay are for her bed and board. That will make it a lot easier for her.
A bed and breakfast is a place to stay for a few nights. It's like a hotel, but has a more home¬like feel; usually it is a home that has been remodeled to host guests. As the name implies, breakfast is included in the price. Bed and breakfast is abbreviated as B & B.
Allison's family always stay at the same Victorian¬style bed and breakfast when they go to the beach at St. Augustine each summer.
Mr. Radley's dream is to remodel his family's old house and open his own bed and breakfast. He wants to call it Restful Haven B & B.


Lodging is a place to stay, usually for a short time. A lodging can be a rented home or rented room, a hotel, or any other place one can sleep for a night.
The travellers found lodging at the home of a widowed lady, who rented out rooms for a day, a week, or a month at a time. She had very reasonable rates.
If you plan to stay in the mountains while on vacation, you can rent our cabin for the week. It's not luxurious, but it is clean and comfortable lodging.
The verb lodge can also be used to mean that something is stuck or fixed in place, usually by chance or by mistake.
My four year old son Gregory put a corn kernel in his ear and it got lodged in there; the doctor had to get it out with special equipment.
After searching all afternoon and evening, we finally found the missing file. It was lodged between the desk and the computer.