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A bistro is a small restaurant where wine is served. In Europe, a bistro typically refers to an informal restaurant that offers affordable food. In the United States, bistro usually refers to a European-style restaurant, often one that serves French food, and may be more expensive and have a more formal setting than bistros in Europe.
Ex: Ana Maria and Monica had dinner at the new French bistro down the street last night. They both said that the food was delicious and rather affordable.
Ex: For being such a small town, the city of Florence in Kentucky has a number of excellent restaurants, including a bistro.
Another type of restaurant is a tavern, a place where beer and other alcoholic beverages are served, but that often serves food.
Ex: Quentin had frequented the tavern for years, going there after work to have a beer with his colleagues, before he realized that they also had an excellent menu.
Ex: The tavern in my neighbourhood has a very simple menu, consisting mostly of burgers and other bar food, but everything I've tried there tastes good and is relatively inexpensive.


A brasserie is a type of restaurant that is larger than a bistro, but that also offers affordable food. While a bistro is known for serving wine, a brasserie is known for serving beer.
Ex: Since brasseries are locations where beer was typically served, their menus often include dishes that reflect the local cuisine of brewers.
Ex: The hotel restaurant, located at the end of the first floor, is a brasserie that serves traditional French cuisine.
Another type of restaurant that serves food as well as beer is a brewpub. In addition to serving food and drinks, brewpubs brew their own beer on their premises.
Ex: Although brewpubs are a fairly recent trend in the United States, in Germany many have been brewing traditionally for hundreds of years.
Ex: Whenever Amber travels, she tries to eat at least one meal at a brewpub so that she can try locally brewed beer.
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