Bedroom, Bathroom and toilet


This is a functional area in the home used for various purposes:
- as a place for sleeping or resting.
- for keeping important personal belongings such as money, documents, clothes, jewellery, etc.
- as a centre for dressing and making up.

Furniture and fixtures for the bedroom include bed, mattresses and pillows, wardrobe or chests of drawers for clothes, bed linens, dressing table with mirror and stool.

Bathroom and toilet: in most modern buildings these functional areas are part of the main house. In the older and traditional houses especially in the rural areas, the bathroom and toilet are built as separate units from the main house. Modern buildings have water system toilet, bath tub or shower type bathrooms. The older buildings may have pit or bucket toilets. They may also have bathrooms that are fenced with concrete or mud floors.

Bathroom is a functional area used for bathing. It can also be used for laundry work.

Furniture and fixtures found in the bathroom include: bathtub, wash-hand basin, towel rail, small wall cabinet with mirror for storage of toiletries.

The toilet is used as a urinary and a place for defecation.
Furniture and fixtures for modern toilet include the toilet or water closet (WC) unit, toilet roll holder. In some home the toilet and the bathroom are in the same room.

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