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Residential Area

The phrase residential area refers to an area of land that is used for housing. It is not used for any type of commerce.
Ex: I live in a residential area that targets families with children. They have built parks and schools to attract them.
Ex: I wonder why no one builds shops in residential areas? It seems that a bistro in walking distance of so many houses would be a good idea.
Residential areas can be made up of different types of homes. There are houses that hold one family and stand alone, townhouses that hold one family and are attached on at least one side to another one, and apartments which are smaller, private living areas gathered in one building.
Ex: We live in a townhouse and I can hear the family next door through our adjoining wall. They are wreaking havoc with my sleep schedule.
Ex: When I graduate from college I will probably share an apartment with friends.The only obstacle is paying the rent.


The word campus refers to a large, landscaped piece of land that houses businesses. It is usually found in a suburban area.
Ex: My office is at the local business campus. I am so glad that I do not have to travel downtown everyday to get to work!
Ex: Some homeowners do not want to live so close to that business campus. They moved to the suburbs to get away from busy commercial sites.
The word campus can also refer to the grounds and buildings that make up a school. This includes colleges and universities.
Ex: Our campus is huge! I am sceptical that you will wake up early enough to walk from your bedroom to the classroom buildings in time.
Ex: The university campus is full of people getting ready for the big match. I am sure that the number of fans here today will surpass that of other matches.
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