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The word worth describes the monetary or emotional value of a specific thing. A friendship, object, or person can have worth to you. Also, something that is worth doing is described as worthwhile.
Ex: If a person is worth a lot to you, you should treat them well. You never know how long they will be in your life.
Ex: Josh decided it was worthwhile to go fishing with his brothers last weekend because it was the last time the three of them would have that time together.
Something that has no value or worth to you is worthless. This means it brings nothing special or no significance to your life.
Ex: After three years of car accidents and $500 in repairs, I decided my old car was worthless. I had to buy a new one if I wanted to be safe on the road.
EX: Jessica really needed to find a new job. Her salary at the local pizza restaurant was almost worthless because it only paid her water bill.


A citizen is a person who lives in a particular country and has the rights, privileges, and duties of that country.
EX: A passport is a necessary document for most international travel, indicating which country one is a citizen of and other vital information, such as date of birth and legal name.
EX: Cheryl has lived here for so long, I had no idea she was actually a citizen of England. She plans to maintain her English citizenship for the foreseeable future.
The expression second-class citizen means that a person is treated as lesser than other members of a society or group.
EX: Laurie enjoyed getting to know some of the ladies at the club, but she always had the feeling of being a second-class citizen, as she did not play tennis regularly.
EX: The politician promised that if elected, those who had been treated as secondclass citizens would be brought out of the shadows.
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