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When you authorize something, it means you use your position of authority or power to approve it. Usually, a manager, boss, or leader will be the one to authorize an idea or project.
Before you buy something with the company credit card, make sure your boss authorizes the purchase. Otherwise, you could end up getting in trouble.
Sarah was so excited when her manager authorized her business trip to London. She had been wanting to take on this new responsibility for months.
To authorize means to give your authorization. When you give your authorization, you are showing your agreement that the project, idea, or endeavour is worth the time or investment.
John was so impressed with Michael's dedication to the company that he gave his authorization for Michael to receive a promotion to the assistant manager.
Jane was so excited when her mother gave her authorization to spend the weekend at the wilderness camp. She had been waiting for this opportunity for years.


To permit means to allow something to happen. It can also mean to give permission to someone to do something.
Cal is so picky about his furniture. He will not permit anyone he doesn't know to sit on his couch or use his leather chair.
Most teachers do not permit their students to eat or drink in class. But my secondary school English teacher let us eat all the time because it helped us stay focused on the information.
When a person permits something, then the thing or action is permissible. If something is permissible, it means you are allowed to do it.
Even though in some places it is permissible to ride your bicycle without a helmet, it is not a good idea. If you fall, you could get a serious head injury.
George wanted his employees to enjoy coming to work everyday. So, he told them it was permissible to take a 2-hour lunch break as long as they finish their work for the day.

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