Video appunto: Approve and Consent


To approve something means to agree that it is satisfactory or acceptable for a specific purpose. You can approve of a person's abilities or personality, or you can approve a specific thing or idea.
Sarah had a great project idea for her company. However, her boss did not approve the idea because it was too expensive.

Before you decide to get married, make sure your parents approve of your partner. Life is always easier when everyone gets along.
When you use your words to approve something, you show your approval. Showing approval for something means to publicly agree that the person, thing, or idea is acceptable.
Justin was so proud of his little sister's decision to go to college. He showed his approval for her decision by throwing her a big graduation party.
If you want to show your approval for your friend's marriage, consider buying a nice wedding gift for them. That will let your friend know you are happy for her new life.


The word consent is a synonym for approval. When you consent to an idea, event, or decision, it can also mean you agree to participate.
It is a good idea to ask for your friend's consent before giving away their phone number. It is just the polite thing to do to ask for permission first.
James consented to going to the symphony with his girlfriend only after she agreed to watch the football game with him this weekend.
If you give your consent, it means you show your approval. Usually, when you give your consent, it means you are agreeing to do something or be involved in a particular event or activity.
Before any doctor can perform major surgery on you, you have to give your consent. This protects both doctors and patients in case something goes wrong during the operation.
Cal gave his consent for his sister Mary to drive his car. He knew she needed the practice before her big driving test at the end of the month.