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A task is an item of work that is assigned or needs to be accomplished or completed. A task is one part of a job.
My task for the day was to clean the patio area, including the tile flooring. We had recently had heavy rain so I knew my work was cut out for me.
For Lainey, running without music to distract her proved a difficult task. She had grown used to her music track and actually found her time was slower without it.
Multitasking is the state of accomplishing several things at one time, or doing several jobs at once. For example, you could multitask by folding laundry while placing phone calls.
Some people say that multitasking is a more efficient way to accomplish our goals, while others believe that concentrating one's attention on one thing at a time will get more accomplished.
Jim had always prided himself on the multitasking he did during his daily commute, but the new laws about mobile phones and driving severely restricted his activities.


A deadline is the time by which something must be accomplished, or the specific time period in which something is due. A synonym for that can be due date. If you have a deadline to meet, it means that you must accomplish a task or project before the time is up, or before the deadline.
In order to meet all my deadlines in a term, I keep a calendar of due dates on the wall next to my desk. This allows me to plan most efficiently.
Sue's boss is very flexible about deadlines, as long as her employees communicate with her about the progress being made on a project.
Dead on arrival is an expression that means an idea is ill¬fated or over with before it has begun. For instance, if a film is dead on arrival, it means people have already decided against it before it has even reached a theatre.
Ben felt that the chances for the date to work out were dead on arrival, since his friends had put so much pressure on him about the details of the evening.
Since another direction had already been chosen for the play's sets, my ideas were really dead on arrival.

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