Video appunto: Evidence and Sign


The word evidence means proof that is an indication of something. In this case, it makes something clear.
Jimmy has terrible sunburn. This is clear evidence that he spent too much time at the beach yesterday without enough sun cream.
The lipstick on his collar was evidence that they had shared a kiss after the dance.
He wiped it off before going home because his mum would fly off the handle if she saw it.
The word evidence can also be a legal term. In this case, it is information presented to a judge or jury to prove one side of a case. Evidence might include written facts, interviews with witnesses, or pictures.
I know that my client will be released if I can find some evidence of his innocence at the crime scene. I cannot leave the detectives to do all of the work.
The evidence in the robbery of the bakery is not clear. It would be a shame to throw in the towel, so I will keep trying to make sense of it for the judge's benefit.


The word sign means an indication of something that has a meaning. In this case, it is a synonym for hint.
There was no sign of Julie in the concert hall. I was sure we would run into her because her favourite band was playing.
The green grass is a sign that better weather is coming. Nothing would remain so bright if the freezing rain continued.
The word sign can also refer to words or symbols that serve as a notice to the public or someone in particular. It is placed strategically for people to read.
Have you seen the sign? It says that you cannot enter the cinema without shoes. Do you have a pair of trainers in the car?
I left a sign on the bathroom door at work letting people know that the toilet is out of order. People will be permitted to use it once the plumber fixes it.