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To arrest someone means to charge them with a crime and take them to jail or prison. A person is usually arrested by the police and put into handcuffs or taken to the police station.
Ex: Cal was always such a good student and neighbour when he was young. So we were all surprised to learn that he had been arrested for stealing from the local shop.
Ex: Before a police officer can arrest someone for a crime, they have to have a good reason. Many times they will arrest someone after receiving a report from another citizen.
When a person is arrested, they face criminal charges. To face criminal charges means they have done something against the law and will face legal penalties or consequences for their actions.
Ex: While most people do not think it is illegal, you can face criminal charges for downloading music for free from the Internet. It is a crime to take something you do not pay for.
Ex: Josh made a huge mistake when he stole a car from his place of work. He was arrested last night and is now facing serious criminal charges of theft.

Take Into Custody

When someone is arrested, they are taken into custody by police. This means the person is no longer free and has to go wherever the police tell them to go, which is usually jail or the police station.
Ex: After being stopped for speeding on the highway, Jack was taken into custody by the police because it was clear he was driving under the influence of alcohol.
Ex: Last year, a famous bank robber stole over $400,000 from the bank downtown. The police found him eating at McDonald's and took him into custody immediately.
Usually when you are taken into custody by police, you are charged with a crime. To be charged with a crime means to be accused of acting in a way that is against the law.
Ex: Kelsey was charged with the crime of reckless driving. She wasn't paying attention and was driving far too fast for the small neighbourhood roads.
Ex: If you are ever charged with a crime by police, always stay silent. If you say too much, the information can be used against you in a criminal court.
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