Video appunto: Perspective and Possibility


Perspective is a way viewing something, especially from a certain angle or direction. It also means someone's outlook, or way of understanding or interpreting a situation.
Ex: The two articles had completely different perspectives on the recent action by the government. One article thought it was wrong, but the other thought it was the best decision the government has ever made.

Ex: When I look at the photo frame from this perspective, it looks straight, but when I look at it straight on, it looks crooked.
To put something into perspective means to understand or see something correctly. The phrase implies that something was not seen or understood or seen correctly in the past, but now, due to some change, he or she now sees or understands the situation clearly.
Ex: Mr. Stanley really helped me put the importance of this assignment into perspective. I used to think I only had to write enough words to get by, but now I realize that it will be published in the local newspaper, and I can really impact people's lives through my writing.
Ex: Watching the documentary on poverty around the world helped to put my life into perspective. People who have a lot less than I do are often even happier than I am. I should be more thankful for what I have.


A possibility is something that might happen or something might be true.
Ex: The nervous bride realized that it was a strong possibility that it would rain on the day of her outdoor wedding.
Ex: I don't think that Paulette takes the train home from work on Tuesdays, but it is a possibility. I'm not really sure.
If something or someone has possibilities, it means that there is hope that he, she, or it will be better in the future.
Ex: Our football team lost their first two games of the season, but I still think they have possibilities. They only lost their last match by one goal.
Ex: Your hair is long and messy now, but it has possibilities. Let's go to the salon after work today and see what the stylist can do to make you look beautiful.