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Dialogo in lingua inglese tra due amici

Pam and Ron are attending an exposition at the art gallery in the city. They both love all kinds of art. Today the art gallery has the work of the artist Luc Marceau. Marceau is one of their favorite artists and they are looking forward to seeing his art.
“There are a lot of people here,” Ron noted.

“Yes, there certainly are,” Pam said.
“I understand that there will be an art expert here later in the afternoon. He will explain the life and art of Luc Marceau. From what I understand, he studied with Marceau as an apprentice, but he never was successful as an artist, so he became an art expert and has made a go of it,” Ron said.
“Actually, that would be fascinating. What is his name?” Pam asked
“I am not sure, but he is quite famous,” Ron said
“Enough of this nattering, let's look at the art,” Pam said
“Sure.dialogo in inglese tra due amici che visitano una galleria d'arte What about this one? What do you think of it?” Ron asked.
“I love it! He has really captured the beauty of a bride in her wedding dress,” Pam noted.
“I think it looks too much like photo,” Ron remarked.
“You know that I love all of Marceau's work,” Pam replied.
“I wish those women over there would be quiet,” muttered Ron.
“They have been babbling since we got here,” Pam replied.
“It would be nice if they would be quiet,” Ron remarked.
“They will have to be quiet, because the gallery manager is going to announce something in a minute,” Pam said.
“Hello, everybody. I just wanted to announce that the famous art expert, Truman Krakow, will be explaining the life and art of the artist Luc Marceau in about one hour, so anybody that is interested in that may want to stay for that. Thank you for your attention.”