Video appunto: Apostrophe and Number Sign


An apostrophe (‘) is often used to form the possessive forms of words, as in Mike's store or the teacher's pet. It should be noted, however, that not all possessive words are formed with apostrophes. For example, words such as whose or yours form possessives on their own. It is also very important to understand that apostrophes do not form plurals.

I want to thank the owners of Lindsay's Pet Supply and Helwin's Bowling Alley for supporting our event this evening.
It is the piano player's responsibility to be here in time for the lounge hours each night, I do not really care whose car he uses to get here!
An apostrophe is also used to indicate a missing letter or letters in a word, such as when a contraction is formed. For instance, isn't (is not) or haven't (have not).
Why won't you simply agree to try to attend the dinner this year? If you don't enjoy the event, I'll make the excuses and you won't have to go next year.
As it isn't time for the guests to arrive, can't you clear up the rest of the garden now? I'd really appreciate it.

Number Sign

A number sign is shorthand for number. It is also referred to as a pound sign. A number sign is used when you want to signal the reader’s attention to an identification number or telephone number. It is not used with all numbers, such as those used as descriptors.
Each table at the Christmas ball was given a number sign to assist guests in locating their seats. Our table was #24.
My flat is #23. You can find it at the top of the stairs that lead into the centre of block B. I can't wait to see you all at the baby shower!
Today, the number sign is more commonly called a hashtag. Although the symbol’s name developed in the military, it is now used as a category identifier on social media sites such as Twitter and has spilled over into wider use. For example, someone might make comment or write about a trip they want to take and follow it with #bucket list.
I couldn't believe the behavior of a little girl I saw at the museum today. Her parents have a long way to go in teaching her some manners. #problem child.
I just found out that the transmission on my car needs replacing. I can't believe this thing is only three years old! #money pit.