Video appunto: Desktop and Window


The desktop of a computer is the screen displayed once the startup process is complete. The desktop has a "background" picture or color scheme, and shows small "icons" that will take you to the folder, program or website you choose.
Ex: My mother asked me to put a picture of her favourite butterflies as the background on her desktop.
I searched for a while and then found the perfect image for her.
Ex: I have saved the icons of all my favorite programs and websites onto my desktop. That makes it so much easier to do my work and access my files.
The term desktop may also refer to desktop computer. A desktop computer typically sits on top of a desk, unlike a laptop or tablet, which can be carried to different places.
Ex: Manny usually works at his desk and uses his desktop much more than his tablet or laptop. So, he often lets his children use the other two devices.
Ex: Nancy's desktop stopped working correctly, so she bought herself a new laptop. She enjoys having the laptop because she can move around more, instead of being stuck at a desk.


When you're working in a program or visiting a webpage on a computer, the window is the area of the screen where that information is displayed. You can have several windows open at the same time, and click on the one you want to use at the moment.
Ex: Theodore, as I told you before, please do not close the window that I am working in because I may want to come back to it later.
Ex: Loretta, our technology specialist, told us that some computers will slow down if you have too many windows open at the same time, so try not to have more than six open at any time, please.
The original usage of window referred to an opening in a wall. It can also be used to describe a figurative opening in such phrases as a window of time or a window of opportunity. In these phrases, window refers to a short period of time.
Ex: You have a small window of time in which to influence the growing minds and hearts of your children. You ought to take the best advantage of that.
Ex: If Stephanie does not apply for university soon, she will miss her window of opportunity. The deadlines for applying are approaching quickly, at the end of the month.