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An account is a record of credits and debits. If you have an account at the bank, you have an arrangement in which your credits and debits are recorded in a ledger where your money is held for safekeeping.
Ex: Ever since I was a little boy, my father has taken me to the bank on Saturdays and had me deposit some of my money in a savings account.

Ex: It is an important skill for young people to learn how to keep track of an account. Many of them do not know how to balance a cheque book, and we should not assume they have had instruction on how to do so.
Accounting is a profession involving the recording of an individual or business’s spending and income, as well as balance sheets that track a company’s assets and liabilities.
Ex: As his son loved numbers, Mike suggested he try an accounting class. His son loved the class so much he went on to open his own accounting firm!
Ex: I clean the office at a local accounting firm, and I can tell you that during tax season, the accountants work almost round the clock.

Put Aside

When you put aside something, such as money, you are dedicating it to a specific purpose, saving, or reserving it for later use.
Ex: If your vehicle is paid off, you can put aside the money you would normally use to make a car payment and save it for repairs or a down payment on your next vehicle.
Ex: When I was a child, I would put aside a bit of my pocket money each week in order to be ready to buy football cards.
A synonym for put aside is put by, which means to stockpile or stash something for later use.
Ex: Today, we taught the Kindergartners about how squirrels and other animals have an instinct that causes them to put by food for the winter months.
Ex: The young couple was glad they had money on hand for the unexpected repairs to their home, but it was still hard to see all the money they had put by for a vacation going toward another purpose.
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