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World War I

The causes of the first world war can schematizzarle to reasons of rivalry between different European countries. One of these, however, the relative importance was the rivalry that existed between England and Germany. England was a great industrial power and colonial and did not tolerate the commercial competition of Germany at that time was led by Emperor Wilhelm II who effecting the domestic policy aim to bolster the German industrial sector and strengthen the state with modern weaponry in view of an enlargement of its colonial empire and hegemony in Europe. A second was the rivalry between France and Germany, France still had a sense of revenge against Germany, because Germany in 1870 in the Franco-Prussian War had taken to France Alsace and Lorraine in fact belong to Germany. The tension between France and Germany was powered by the same objective expansionist in Morocco. As a result of these tensions in 1907, France - England - Russia formed the Triple Entente, anti-German and anti-Austrian. This alliance amplified an arms race in Germany which is preparing for war. Russia enters the alliance because it has expansionist ambitions regarding the countries of the Balkans as the Ottoman Empire. Turkey is losing territory and Russia and Austria if they want to take this opportunity to take possession of those territories. The Balkan Peninsula had a very delicate situation. Serbia was one of the countries struck by the Balkan wars, then became independent. Serbia aims to build an independent Slavic empire precisely against the expansionist ambitions of Russia and Austria then in Serbia is forming an active movement of young, irredentist, Slavic face to protect the independence of the Slavic territories. After the First World War was born Yugoslavia.
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