Video appunto: Women's emancipation

L'emancipazione femminile

The women have always been considered, in the history of all time, physically and intellectually inferior to men. In the medieval age, for example, they were considered also simple housewives, they could not study or work. The men deprived the women's freedom but they could not stop their power.
The women in fact, have always fought to assert their rights. In the last years of the 19th century in England and in the United States of America the women received the right to vote and equal rights with men. The real emancipation of women took place, in the Western word, only after the second word war, when they partecipated in the elections of the constituent assembly in 1946. The new means of communication such as the radio or the TV favored the approval the women's emancipation in the society. Since this moment the women's education in the school favored their integration in the work. The women in fact, became teachers, doctors and writers. Today, in a lot of states, the women and the men have got the same rights and duties. There are women who ruled entire states like the Queen Elizabeth in England and Angela Merkel in Germany.
During the Victorian age, the women were considered as angels and their rights are similiar to those of children in fact they could not study or work. They were considered as clean beings and they could not wear jewelry. The prostitution was tollered because it was used to purify the soul of woman and the married women could not asked the divorce because their most important good is the reputation. In the family, the father is the leader and the mother is only his submissive.