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The Wars of the Roses finished with a marriage between the families involved (York and Lancaster). So, in England emerged a new dynasty: the Tudors. This period (in which Tudors ruled in England) was a time of transition from the Medieval to the Modern world. The first Tudor king was Henry VII that married Elizabeth of York. He was an able ruler, in fact, during his reign England had a period of progress and financial and governmental stability.
But he did not give enough attention to the Parliament, in fact, he summoned it only seven times. Henry and Elizabeth of Aragon had four children. When Henry died his son became king. He was very interested in art music and poetry in fact his reign is considered as the beginning of the Golden Age.
But it was also a period of a religious reformation: Martin Luther gave birth to the protestant church. The difference between the catholic one regarded the relationship between church and state.
Henry wanted a male heir for this reason he got married six times and he had many illegitimate children. He married Catherine of Aragon but she gave him a daughter, Mary. Then he married Anne Boleyn but he had another daughter, Elizabeth. For this reason Anne was executed. Henry married another four times and his last wife, Jane provided him a male heir, Edward VI

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