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Venice is built on 117 islands; it has 150 canals and 400 bridges. The hub of public life is Piazza San Marco, where tourist and citizens sit on the terraces of the famous Florian, is the best-known café, and Quadri Cafés. The shops in San Marco have sumptuous window displays of lace, jewelry, mirrors and the famous glassware from Murano. The Mercerie, shopping streets, lead to the Ponte di Rialto. Quartiere de’ Frari and Santa Maria Formosa have a certain peaceful charm with their brick facades and silent canals. Meals in the trattorie are among the attractions of Venice. Consist in sea-food accompanied by the pleasant local wines. For centuries gondolas have been the traditional means of transport in Venice. Now they are the quintessence of Romantic Venice.


Built on the plan of a Greek cross, the Basilica is crowned by five bulbous domes. The five large doorways are adorned with variegated marbles and sculptures. Behind the altar is the exquisite Pala d’Oro, a gold, enamel and jewel-encrusted altarpiece, a masterpiece of Gothic art.

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