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The USA is one of the world, for population and Size.
The country is divided into fifty states, including Alaska and Hawaii.
The capital city is Washington D.C.
The population is 302 million.
Us money is divided into Us dollars and cents.
The highest mountain is McKinley.
The longest river is Mississippi/Missouri.
The largest lake is Lake Superior.

The flag of the USA is called stars and stripes. The thirteen stripes represent the states that first formed the country, and the fifty stars represent all today states.
The major cities are New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington, Boston, Houston, Chicago, and Philadelphia.
The official language is English, and the second language is Spanish.
In the USA there are many different weather. When in Alaska the climates is freezing cold, in Florida there is tropical heat.
The USA is a federal republic with an elected president. Americans people vote for a new president every four years.
The USA is a major industrial country, producer coal and petroleum.
The USA is one of the world leading farming nations. It produces cotton, wheat, maize, and tobacco.
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