Henry Tudor became king as Henry 7th in 1485, after the victory of the Wars of the Roses. He wasn't from a royal king, so he needed propaganda to support and justify his new dynasty. He was a very important king who made Britain a large kingdom. He was able to create peace and stability after the crisis, even if he carried on the idea of the Absolute power of the King (a monarch doesn't rule, but reigns); he took away the army from lords and concentrated it in his hands, reducing the power of lords; he started exploiting the services of the middle-class against lords and created two new social classes: little land owners and merchants.
He also created a large and important naval fleet to increase commerces and military strength; he promoted the voyage from Bristol of John Cabot which led to the discovery of North America mainland. About foreign policy, he was able to create the future of England. Indeed he made his son Arthur marry Catherine of Aragon, the daughter of the king of Spain and his daughter Margaret marry James the 4th of Scotland. So he created bonds with Spain and Scotland which were both catholics. When he died he was succeeded by his son Henry the 8th. His son was as popular as his father among the nation. For the first half of his reign he was a typical renaissance king: a patron of art surrounded by painters, poets, musicians and he was even himself a skilled linguistic. The second half of his reign was dominated by the Reformation. Initially he was considered by the Pope one of the best catholic king in Europe "Fidei defensor". When he married Catherine of Aragon and she gave him a daughter called Mary, he asked the Pope for the divorce to then marry another woman Anne Boleyn since he wanted a male heir. The pope didn't accept so he broke up with him and Rome. In 1534 he established the Act of Supremacy in which he declared to be the Supreme head of Church and State. Therefore he set up the new Church of England. But Anne wasn't able to give him a son too, instead she gave him a daughter Elizabeth. So he accused his wife of having betrayed him and she was executed. He had 6 wives, all accused of something towards him. Meanwhile the population was living a terrible situation: there was art of civil war between catholics and protestants. he was succeeded by his son Edward the 6th.
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