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-The Reformation-

The Protestant Reformation in Germany had begun with the doctrines of Martin Luther and the French theologian John Calvin in Switzerland.
But in England, Henry VIII didn’t wanted to transform England in a Protestant country, in fact he was honoured by the Pope as a ‘Defender of the Faith’ for what he wrote against Luther.
However his wife, Catherine of Aragon, was too old to give him a son, but Henry VIII needed a male heir, so he asked the Pope to declare this marriage invalid; but Pope Clement VII refused, so Henry VIII set up a new church, the Church of England, so he could divorce and re-marry with Ann Boleyn, who was pregnant; for this thing the Pope excommunicated him.
With the ‘Act of Supremacy’, Henry VIII declared himself the ‘Supreme Head of the Church’ in England.
This break from the Church of Rome was legitimised by the Parliament, which also suppressed orders of monks and friars and established the supremacy of the State over the Church.

That destroyed centres of education, but gave the King money to defend himself from attacks from the Catholic powers.
Although this new Anglican Church was independent, it remained linked to the dogma of the faith of Rome.
Ann Boleyn gave him a daughter, Elizabeth, and she was executed; his third wife gave him a male heir, who became king as Edward VI; during his reign the Anglican Church became Protestant.
The English Book of Prayers was introduced instead of the Latin missal and Churches became much simpler.
Bible started being translated, and reading it was the central key to salvation; so everyone who wanted to be saved must read the Bible and work hard in his life.
After Edward VI, became Queen Mary I, who tried to take back England to Catholicism, but failed.
After her, Elizabeth I became Queen and she avoided the extremes of Catholic and Protestant, like Puritans.

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