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The birth of English Parliament

In 1216 King John died leaving on the throne his oldest heir (=erede) Henry III who was nine years old.
Until Henry III grew up, a group of barons ruled upon England.
The kind decided to continue this experiment and under his reign, the first structure of Parliament was born and it was composed by barons, knights and representatives from each town.

In 1272, Edward I succeed his father.
The new king thought that the Parliament was too little compared to the developing society; so he tried to improve the form of the Parliament and in 1295, Model Parliament was born and was composed by representatives of barons and of the clergy, two knights for each county (=contea) and two citizens from each town.
It's important the presence of citizens into important decisions because it shows their importance in this period.
The Model Parliament remained in this structure until the 19th century, when Conservative and Laburist parties were born.
The term Parliament comes from the French word discussion.
The English Parliament is the first example of democracy in Europe and in this way the king's power was controlled by nobility and clergy.
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