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The three most endagered tribes on earth

The Ayoreo-Totobiegosode tribe
Population: (part of the Ayoreo tribe) 5 000
Location: Paraguay, South America
The Ayoreo - Totobiegosode tribe live in the forest of Paraguay, south America. These hunter-gatherers mainly survive on wild pigs. Wild hony and vegetables. But “civilized” people do not respect their rights and loggers are destroying huge areas of the forest. Cattle ranchers and missionarie salso threaten their land and way of life. The Ayoreo try to avoid outsiders and move further into the forest, leaving their huts behind.

The Jarawa tribe
Population: 200-300
Location: the Andaman Island, Indian Ocean
On the Andamam Island in the Indian Ocean, the Jarawa have tried to keep their independence and their inique way of life for over 150 years. They live in isolation in the forests and no one outside their tribe speaks their language. They survive by hunting pigs and lizards, and arrows. A major road now brings loggers, poachers and settlers into their land, and the dangers of disease. In 1999, the measles virus killed many Jarawa. The Jarawa had no resistente to it.

The Gana and Gwi “bushmen”
Population: 100 000
Location: Kalahari dsert of Botwana, Africa.
The Gana and Gwi are ribes that lives in the Kalahari desert of Botswana, Africa. These bushmen are the oldest inhabitants of southern Africa and have lived there for at least 20 000 years. The two ribes speaks similiar languages and live in small communities. They hunt antelopes and eat fruit, nuts and roots. Unfortunatle, this regioni s in diamonds, and minino companies are nervous that the people might claim mineral rights. The Gana and Gwi bushmen do not want to move. They say, “This is our land and this is where we live”.

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