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The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is made up of two islands:Great Britain and Ireland.
Great Britain is divided into three regions:Scotland, England and Wales.The capitals are:Edinburgh (Scotland),Cardiff (Wales),London (England),Belfast (Northern Island) and Dublin (Republic of Ireland).
London is both the capital of UK and England.
It’s situated in the southern part of England and it’s one of the major cities in Europe in terms of size and population.
It represents the economic and cultural heart of Great Britain.It was founded by the Romans who gave it the name of Landinium and later became the principal seat of the Royal Family and government.
The river Thames divides London into two parts: the northern and the southern. London in excellent for its transport like the underground,which is the fastest of all.Another transport is the plane,in fact in London there’s Heathrow,the busiest and the most important airport.

London is full of interesting monuments like:
*Buckingham Palace: It has been the Royal Family’s London residence since 1837
*Big Ben: It’s a clock tower
*The Tower of London: In the past was an observatory, now is a prison
*Westminster Palace: is the seat of the House of Commons and House of Lords.

The UK is a Constitutional Monarchy and operates under parliamentary and common law dating back to Anglo-Saxon customs.
The Parliament is made up of three elements:the Queen or the King;the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
The House of Commons is elected every five years and it’s the supreme body;
The House of Lords consists in Spiritual Lords and 12 Law Lords.
The Prime Minister nowadays is Gordon Brown.
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