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The Prime Minister and the Cabinet

Her majesty`s Government is the body of ministers responsible for the conduct of national affairs.The Prime Minister is the haed of government,First Lord of the Treasure,Minister for the Civil Service,and he presides over the Cbinet,which is composed of about 20 ministers chosen by him.The Prime Minister sits in the House of Commons and is appointed by the Queen.In effect the Queen appoints the leader of the party which has the majiority in the House of Commons.The method of election in Britain is known as the "first-past-the-post"system.The country is divided into 650 constituencies:the candidate who abtains most votes in his/her constituency is elected,even if he/she does not have a majority of all the votes cast.The Cabinet meets about ance a week at 10 Downing Street, a rather ordinary house which also contains the Prime Minister`s personal office.

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