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Britsh Government
Great britain is a costitutional monarchy and it is ruled by a parliamentary sistem. The british constitution is unwritten and its rules and contained partly in ordinary laws an partly in customs and conventions. It can be autered by of parliament all by general agreement. The supreme legislative authority in the UK is a parliament,headed by the monarch and divided in to two houses : the lords and the commons.

The seat of the british parliament is west minister palace. A parliament has a maximum duration of five years,however political events can shorten this term. The life of parliament is divided in to session usually lasting one year. The official opening of a new session at the few occasion when all three elements wich make up the parliament togheter.

The Queen is the symbol national unity. She personifes the state. She is the head of the legislative,esecutive and giudicary power. All bills past by bof houses must receive her signature before they be come alts.

House of Lord

The house of lords consists of hereditary pears (aristocracts with in heritd titles). Life pears (lords) who have be given titles by tae queen). Low lords (giudices) and lord spiritual (arc be shops). The members the house of lords do not have much power,they act as a secondary body wich exames and vote bills all rady passed by the house of common. There are about 666 members of the house but fwo attend regulary. They are not to paid a salary but they received a some of money for the days they are presents. The house usually sites for the days a week and it is preside however by the lord changelus.

House of commons

Most of the legislative work is done in the house of commons which is made up of 659 members of Parliament (MPs). They are elected by the people,and each member rapresents an area called costituency. This house sits for 5 days a week,they receive a salary,plus a number of allowances. The chief officer of the house of commons is the speaker elected by MPs. His tasck istokeep order in debates. MPs debate exsamine governament policy.

Prime Minister:
He is the head of Governement,normally he’s the leader of the majority party in Parliament. He directs and controls policy for the governament,he is the chief spoke person for the government and keeps the queen informed about government decisions. He rapresents the country abroad and decides the date for a general election that must be held at least every 5 years. The official residence of the prime minister is in London at 10,Dowing street.

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