Video appunto: Staple food and dishes

Staple food and dishes

There are different ingredients used during food preparation; most are imported from tropical countries and used for making special dishes.
Cassava is a tuber and it can be processed into different forms and prepared into different dishes for example
- Gari: prepared with boiling water, served with any type is soup like "egusi", "ogbono", "bitter-leaf soup", "spinach and vegetable soup" etc.

- Foo-Foo/fufu: it can be served with any type of soup or stew.
- Fermented cassava: it an be served with different types of vegetable soups.
- cassava flour: it can be served with soup or fish stew.
- "Abacha": it can be eaten as snacks in some parts of african and asian countries.

Yam can be processed into flour. It can also be made into different types of dishes for example:
- yam pottage: This is a popular one-pot dish in most african countries.
- yam pudding: This can be served as dessert.
- yam balls: This can be served as snacks.
- pounded yam: it can be served with different types of soup.
- fried yam chips: This can be served as breakfast or snacks.
- yam can also be prepared with the usage of waterleaf.

It is obvious that the meals prepared in the tropical regions are highly seasoned with all sort of seasoning ingredients and most countries use lot of pepper; at the other hand the Mediterranean diet recommends the adequate use of olive oil and slight seasoning (none is supposed to be used in exaggeration in order to keep the food balanced).