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A sporting nation

London’s new Wembley Stadium is the home for 21st century sport in UK but there are a lot of other places to visit.

The UK has four teams international competitions-England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The only problem is that the four teams do not usually play very well! However, the English Premier League is one of the best in the world and has some world-famous club like Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United.
A lot of football clubs welcome visitors. Why not go to Trafford, the home of Manchester United? Further north, in Scotland, is Hampden Park in Glasgow. It is the oldest international stadium and has the Scottish National Museum of Football.

The rules are very complicated but if you are in England in the summer, a day at a cricket games is an interesting experience. The players wear and the game goes very slowly international games can last for five days! Edgbaston in Birmingham is a good place to visit; it has and autographs from a hundred years of cricket matches. It is open on match days from April-September.

Twickenham is the home of England’s rugby team. The stadium tour and Museum of Rugby include a visit to the dressing room plus audio-visual presentations. Back in Scotland, Murrayfield stadium holds the world record rugby crowd of 104,000 (in 1975) and the stadium now has its own tour.

Wimbledon in London is more than just the two-week summer tournament in June. There is a museum. Which has the championship trophies on display and thereare guided tours of the famous ‘centre court’.

Horse Racing
The lovers of this sport must visit Aintree near Liverpool. It is the home of the world’s most spectacular race, the Grand National Between May and October you can enjoy a ‘virtual reality’ ride and walk around the course.
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