A special University

If you think that it's possible to find a good university only in Europe or in America, you should consider Suffolk University. Though the name may deceive you, the college is neither in Britain nor in the USA, but in Africa, and more precisely in the capital of Senegal: Dakar. This is a modern and international city on the coast, with nearly three million inhabitants. The most widespread language in Senegal is French, due to French colonialism, but nowadays Dakar has become a "global" city where you can speak English, too, and feel that you are in a cosmopolitan culture.
However, the special aspect of the town is that wherever you stand, the sea is close by and you can enjoy its marvelous natural beauty. And if, on the one hand, the setting is the spectacular African nature, on the other hand, at Suffolk University, students can get an education which is very similar to the American one. Indeed, they develop a mastery of English and learn basic academic skills; moreover, after two years in Dakar, they can continue at Suffolk University in Boston or go to other US colleges.

Suffolk University combines the most important aspects of a traditional American campus: an excellent academic programme where you can choose your favorite subjects; a friendly atmosphere and lots of both educational and recreational opportunities.

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