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American Revolution

When George III came to the throne, Great Britain was in control of the seas and was enjoying a period of peace, and the American colonies were rich and well populated, but relationship with the mother country altered when the British government tried to impose strict control and more taxation on the colonies.
The American colonies stated that since they had no representatives in the British Parliament no taxes could be levied on them, in fact their principle was: “No taxation without representation”.
The war began with fighting at Concord and Lexington. The thirteen American colonies met in Philadelphia and George Washington (the first President of United States) was given military command. On the 4th July of 1776 the Declaration of Independence, drawn up by Thomas Jefferson, was approved. It stated the principle that all men are born equal with the same rights like life, freedom and pursuit of happiness. Benjamin Franklin went to Paris to raise support for the American cause. He succeeded and France sent an army to America.
British army was surrounded at York town and had to surrender. With the Treaty of Versailles Great Britain accepted American independence.
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