Sewing equipments

There are certain pieces of equipment that you require for sewing. You need to know these. You also need to understand how to choose, use and care for each piece of equipment properly. You need to start with the simple sewing equipment.
The various simple sewing equipment can be grouped according to their uses as follows:
Equipment for measuring:
1) Ruler: this is used for making the width of hems, facings etc. It is also used in pattern drafting.

2) Tape measure: this is used for taking measurements of the body, fabric, etc. They are marked on both sides in inches and centimetres. Choose a tape measure that will not stretch or fray, for example plastic tape.

3) Hem marker: this is used for making the hems of finished garments.

Care of tape measure

- Avoid cutting your tape with your scissors in the process of cutting fabric or pattern.
- Roll up the tape when not in use and store in your sewing bag or box.
- Wash plastic tape on soapy water when it is dirty.

Equipment for making tracing:

1) Tracing wheel: this is used with carbon paper or trading paper in transferring markings from patterns to fabric.

2) Tracing paper: this paper comes in many colours. It is used for transferring pattern markings onto fabrics by tailors.

3) Tailor's Chalk: this is a special coloured chalk used for making marks on patterns and fabrics. It should be wrapped with a clean paper after each use and stored in the seeing box.

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