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When I was child I sow in the street a group of teenagers dressed in an unusual way: they were scouts.
I was very curios and I asked my parents if I could became a member.
They agreed and 4 years ago I became a Scout. I became a Scout because my friends are scouts and because I like scout activities. The first year I was shy and unfriendly but today is different.
In scout meeting we sing, dance and pass the test of survival.

The leader: B.P.
Robert Baden Powell, known as B.P, was born on 22 February 1857 in London.
He was educated at Charterhouse School.
In 1876 he became an official in the army.
In 1907 he became the first Scout president in Brasilia Island.Some years later he and his wife, Olave,founded the girls scout.
In 1920 he was the first Jamboree in the Olympic in London.
He died in 1940 in Kenya.Every year we celebrate his birthday.

Scout Programme
Scout association is in constantly increasing.
The scouting programme was directed by boys and girls who are twelve and above.
The Girls Guides Association is the organization for girls founded in 1910.The members are divided into 3 groups: the youngest are called “ladybirds” , the middle ones are “the Guides” and the oldest are “Scolte”.I’m a Guide.
Scout uniform
The winter scout uniform consist of: blue short, blue shirt where there is a logo and blue sweater.
On the head there is a basco.On the neck there is a scarf.
Every group has got its own different colour.

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