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I started boxing because I had a lot of spare time, after giving up the gym and the swimming pool which were too boring for me. One day I read on a local newspaper about a boxing school here in Rome called “Boxing Arena” where athletes won many international competitions. So I thought to myself I would rather join a boxing school than wasting time at doing nothing, I’ll use it for something good, and also to learn something useful . “so why not” ? I really thought than it was going to be easy , but after 3 days I realized the harsh reality. it wasn’t so simple, it took a lot of pain and efforts only to learn the basics and to master them.
It took so long, so I thought to myself again “I am tempted to give up. After joining the school I understood why lots of people practice this kind of sport, to become better, to do something special in their free time, etc. but many guys agree on one thing, they want to feel alive. At first I didn’t understand what they meant with “alive” but when I went on the ring for my first sparring lesson it became clear to me : the lights, your opponent’s eyes, the trainer than shouts in your ears, the exchange of hits, the pain, the adrenalin rush, the world was the ring in that moments, nothing less nothing more , so I finally understood what they meant, I was feeling alive too. I remember when I broke my jaw for the first time, I was doing some sparring with a friend and I, I lowered my guard and he hit me badly. The trainer immediately stopped the training round , he checked on the situation and told me to be more careful, to think before acting, to have patience, and not to rush because you will always find the right moment to strike and (using his words) ”for god’s sake, raise that guard!”.

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