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Prince William
Prince William is without doubt the most popular member of the British Royal Family.
William, or Wills as members of his family call him, was born on the 21th of June 1982. He is shy and more introspective than his younger brother Harry. William is apparently uncomfortable with the press and avoids publicity, so we have no idea what he is really like.
The Royal Family carefully controls public access to William's life and William would like to be seen as just an ordinary young man, although this is impossible.
Do you believe that? Can you imagine what it's like to be Prince William and would you like to be him?
William is rich. He belongs to one of the richest families in the world, so he's never going to have any financial problems.
William is very good-looking. He's tall and blond and looks like his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales who died in 1997. He has thousands of teenage female fans and recently Tatler magazine voted him the hottest date of the year.
William is athletic. He went to one of Britain's most elite private schools, Eton College, where he played rugby and football and was captain of the swimming figura del principe William descritta in lingua inglese He also likes water-polo and he enjoys going to the cinema, listening to music and playing computer games.
William is intelligent. He got twelve GCSEs and three A-levels at Eton: an A in Geography, a B in Art and a C in Biology. Before he went to St. Andrews University in Scotland, he had a gap year and went to Patagonia in Chile as a volunteer with Raleigh International. There he taught English, did community projects and mixed with ordinary people.
But he's life is signed by some disadvantages.
William is public property. Almost everyone he meets, anywhere in the world, knows every detail of his family history.
William has no privacy. He can't go where he wants when he wants. He can't go to the pub or go dancing in a club with his friends, because there are reporters outside his house who follow him everywhere.
William can't choose his career. He's almost definitely going to be King of England and it's not an easy job.
William has no freedom. As the matter of fact, most of the time someone else decides what he does.

So what do you think? Would you like to be him?
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