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Report: Summer school experience

The main aim of this report is to give my feedback on the summer English course I attended at the King’s School of English.

Location and Building
The bus service to and from the school buildings was excellent and I found travelling to Beckenham very easy. The distance from the school to the railway station was also ideal so we could easily walk to the station every time we had to go to London by train.
The school was not too large, but the classes were well organized and the garden was well furnished with tables and benches to allow us to eat your lunch outside.

King’s School arranges and provides accommodation for students. Even though I didn’t personally have problems with the family that put me up, a friend of mine did and find complete support by the school administrators.

The fact that we could but stamps and travel cards at the reception was time-saving and the staff was ever very polite and helpful. Similarly, I found extremely useful having the possibility to change my money at the Account Department of the school at a favorable commission.
The SAC (Self Access Centre) was also very useful, allowing us to connect to the internet to check our emails and keep in contact with our families. However, I would like to suggest that internet may be included in the total fee.
Finally, the Café was very nice and well-stocked, but there was little space to sit down relative to the total number of students present.

Classes were well equipped. Ventilation was good only if you kept the windows and door open and some classrooms faced the street and were therefore very noisy.
The lessons were very interesting and varied and the teachers were very professional, experienced and creative.

Extra-curricular activities
We could practice different sports twice a week, which I enjoyed immensely, and follow particular lectures in the evenings, which I never did. However I think it is a very good idea to be given these opportunities, and I would have liked sports to be accessible more often.
I also had a lot of fun, and learned a lot, during the beautiful trip north that we had during the week-end.

All together I can’t but give a positive feedback about my stay at King’s School. It was a very well organized study-holiday experience.

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