Polyesters - Terylene and properties of wool

Polyesters are products of complex series of chemical processes using petroleum products and other chemicals. Polyesters include Terylene, Dacron, Tergal, Diden, etc.

Characteristics of Polyesters:
1. They are very strong.
2. They are resistant to abrasion.
3. They do not stretch very much.
4. They do not absorb much water. They therefore dry up easily.
5. They are easy to wash.
6. They are not harmed by heat.
7. They are crease resistant.
8. They can be permanently pleated.
9. They do not dye easily.
10. They are generally warm to wear.
11. White polyester tend to stay whiter in wear than other man-made fibres.
12. Polyesters are often used to add strength to wool or cotton. By this, polyester or cotton and polyester of woolly blends are produced.

Uses of polyesters:
Polyesters are used for varieties of dresses, bedsheets, pillow cases, home furnishings, etc.

The properties of polyesters are practically different from that of the wool which is an animal based fibre.
Properties of wool:
1. Wool is elastic and springy to touch. It does not crease.
2. It makes a very absorbent fabric.
3. It is stronger when dry than when wet.
4. Wool fabric has large number of air spaces between the fibres. It is therefore very warm to warm. It retains body heat.
5. It can also absorb moisture very well without appearing damp.
6. It felts or shrinks easily especially when treated with hot water. This means that it stops stretching and reduces in size.
7. It is really affected by bleach.
8. It is attacked by clothes moth and other insects.
9. It gives the smell of burning feathers when burnt.

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