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Perfect friendship

Everybody has a lot of friends and social networks are a vivid example of it with some people reaching even a few thousands of listed friends. But how many true friends does one really have? What make a friendship real and perfect? I think real friendship is based on two things, respect and trust. On one hand you need to respect your friend for what concerns his/her own ideas, likings and habits, but also all the decisions he/she’s going to make or has made in the past. On the other hand, you have to be able to trust this friend to be at your side no matter what, to keep your secrets, to help you out. If these things hold, you can be yourself and not pretend to be someone else to be accepted. And of course, there also has to be love, because if you love someone you are implicitly unable to hurt or betray him/her. Finally, I think that all these features have to be mutual; one sided friendships are faulty and are bound to fail sooner or later because someone is inevitably going to be used or hurt. Because true friendship is based on all these things I think it is something which is not easy to find or takes a long time and a deep knowledge of each other to be established. I think that if you have one such perfect friendship you can consider yourself lucky.

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