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Invasioni barbariche in Inghilterra

6000 b.C. = the first inhabitants -> the pre-celtic people/civilization -> the Iberians
700 b.C. = the Celts -> the first settlers
They were heatens (pagani)
to conquer= conquistare
to settle / to inhabit
to withdraw= ritirarsi
55 b.C. = the first roman invasion with Julius Caesar. It wasn't a real conquest because the romans didn't brought civilisation.
They stayed there for few years.
43/47 a.D. = the second roman invasion under emperor Claudius. The romans brought civilisation, language, culture, religion, art and they built new towns.
Christianity was introduced with the second roman invasion by St.Agostine
Most of the cities founded by the romans in their conquest process derive from the castrum (i campi militari). The roman city had a square shape and two perpendicular roads connected the four doors: the decumanus and the thistle.
The cities were equipped with ports, bridges and roads, acqueducts, fountains and sewers. The stately homes were called domus and the popular buildings were called insulae.
Once it was believed that giants really existed before the evolution of man. One day, the giants were dancing in a circle holdings hands around the Salisbury plain. Suddenly they stopped and turned into stones. Many believed this legend in the past as the vertical stones resembled the legs of giants, while the architraves were their arms.
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