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Are you one of those people with countless possessions? Have you got three watches, two televisions, a videorecorder, a stereo system, a computer and a mobile phone? YES?? And have you got time to use them ALL YES’!! CONGRATULATIONS! You are a rare creature! You are in control of your life!
For most people, the story are very different. Take the case of Jack. Jack has got a good job with a good salary. Money is important because, for jack, money means possessions. He has got everything…BUT… hasn’t got his life. His possessions is in control of his life!
His mobile phone dominates his life. It is always On because Jack’s afraid to switch it off. He’s got hundreds of friends and they’ve all got his telephone number. Consequently Jack is always on the phone.

The result? He hasn0t got time to eat in peace, to watch television in peace or to use computer in peace.

MORAL: we have all got possessions(they’re a fundamental part of lives) but beware! Your possessions can take over your life!

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