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Matthew Perry

Matthew Langford Perry (Williamstown, 19 August 1969) is an American actor, of Canadian origin. It has to the different profit nominations to the Emmy Awards, and is well-known above all to have participate in the television series Friends in which interpreted for 10 years the character of Chandler Bing. Matthew Perry is son of John Bennett Perry (actor) and Suzanne Perry Morrison (former secretary prints some prime Minister Canadian Pierre Trudeau), that however divorced before its first birthday; the small Matthew, been born in the Massachusetts, was therefore grown from its mother to Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).

During the school it is interested to the tennis and divenne a gambler of success between the juniores; was admitted to the Rockcliffe Park Public School and then to the ashbury Connects, where fece its first experience attoriale in a school production during it being equivalent to of the ours second media.

To 15 years, Perry is transferred from Ottawa to Los Angeles to go to live with the father and to undertake the career of actor. After some negligible sporadic participation in television to the end of the years 1980, itself to the University was about to register of Southern California, when the dedicated venne the role of Chazz Russell in Second Chances and began to to be known in the environment. Second Chances durò an alone season and soon Perry had returned to the short appearances.

In the beginning of the years 1990, tried to participate an experience for the episode pilot Six of One of Mars Kauffman and David Crane, with both which had already worker in Dream On; nevertheless, in base to its results in the pilot LAX 2194, was not admitted to the hearing. When from Six of One decided to draw themselves the sitcom Friends was however admitted to the experience and ottenne the role that would have given back it well-known, that of Chandler Bing.

To increase the reputation reached with Friends, Perry is appeared next to important actors of Hollywood and not, like Tomas Milian, Corpse Hayek (Mele and Tequila - A crazy story of love with surprise), Dylan McDermott (Appointment to three) and Caterpillars Willis (FBI: Protection witnesses and FBI: Protection witnesses 2).

Even though known mainly for funnier his interpretations, Perry confronted with success also dramatic roles, like the Advisor Associated some House White Joe Quincy in The West Wing; the its three apparitions in that series (two in the fourth season and an in the fifth one) are been worth him two nominations to the Emmy Award like Outstanding Guest Actor in to Drama Series, in 2003 and in 2004.

It participates also to three installments of the fifth series of Ally McBeal.

After the end of Friends, Perry did its debut from producer in an episode of Scrubs (aimed 12, season 4) to that took also part like actor, together to the father.

13 August 2006 is gone out in the United States The Ron Clark Story, in which interprets the role of the protagonist Ron Clark, a teacher of a small small town to that comes entrusted the more difficult class of the country. January 26 2006, Variety reviewed it announced that Perry was entered in the new sitcom of Aaron Sorkin I Study 60 on the Sunset Strip, that will go in wave on the NBC in the autumn of 2006. Perry will interpret Matt Albie, together to Bradley Whitford that will interpret Danny Tripp, two writers that want to save a show on the edge of the failure.

In 2006 also it began the renewals of Numb, a comedy on a chronic depressed writer; the date announced of exit of the film is in 2007.

For 2008 the exit of Seventeen it is expected in which performance to the flank of the teen-idol Zac Efron.

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