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In the eighteen century we have in England the rise of the novel. This term means a big narrative work in prose. The origins of this type of literature are with the stories which are ballads, poem, the works of Shakespeare. Prose was introduced with the Restoration Comedy but at first we have an evolution of the prose. Infact, with "La Mort D'Arthur" of Thomas Malory we have a collection of the stories about king Arthur and these aren't continuous narratives and they're episods. In the Puritan Age John Bunyan, who was puritan, wrote "Pilgrim's Progress". The protagonist of this work was Christian,who decided to leaves his family, friends, city to find the Celestial City. This work is allegorical infact Bunyan try to make an allegory of cristian man because he was puritan. With this work story evolves and for the first time there are a conclusion and we have changes in the characters. These are the forerunners of the novel.

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