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Michael Collins

“Michael Collins” directed by Neil Jordan is a movie with Liam Nelson, Aidan Quinn and Julia Roberts among others. The movie narrates the tragic events surrounding Ireland’s bloody revolutionary fight for independence from the British ruling system. Michael Collins, the protagonist of the story, was the embodiment of the revolutionary spirit and he was the fiercest champion and hero of the revolution itself. The fight was a united one at the outset and Michael Collins’ best friend, Harry Boland, was also his partner in the action. The internationally unrecognized leader, Eamen De Valera, was envious of Collins popularity but seemed to hide behind his strength. After a sequence of battles, espionage and guerrilla warfare the Irish managed to achieve a part of the objectives for which they were fighting for. However, De Valera seemingly exploited a English compromise as a means to get rid of Collins and in so doing set the ground for the breaking of a civil war. Collins personal life also goes berserk when Boland’s girl Kitty fell in love with Michael Collins, also known as "the Big Fella" causing a trouble and a break between the two friends. At the end Michael Collins is shot and killed in an ambush leaving a devastated Kitty before they could get married.
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