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The introduction of the machine caused in England the disappearance of old trades and reducing the workforce. The reaction was a protest that result in the destruction of the machines and became known as Luddites by a certain Ned Ludd, leader of the revolt. These skilled workers were damaged by the advent of machines. This phenomenon was suppressed and he came even to the death penalty for Luddites.

Mechanization of a production process that until now was manual, this led to a higher production of the product and therefore the need to widen the market. Need marketing. Under the feudal system they were paid fees for sell from one country to another. Protectionism stems from an evolution of the feudal system, and is opposed to liberalism. Protectionism raises barriers to prevent the outside are imported products that can compete with the domestic product. The capitalist system is a new way of doing business, different from the past. It has as a key element to the free distribution of the products. One of the key problems of the industrial revolution was just what the sovraprroduzione, beginning not see but after 50 years it should be noted this problem. The English have had the spring driving, they had the idea and were able to implement it. Those who wanted to put on an industry asking for a loan to the farmer or the rich merchant. The money was taken directly from what they earned they wanted to earn more and more, but to do that exploited workers, working for 14 hours a day and there were because there were no safeguards. They worked even more women and children as they were vulnerable from a legal standpoint also because conditions were created to blackmail.
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