Home surroundings

The space around your home is your home surrounding. This space is very important for the well-being of the family. It is part of your home. If it is large enough it can be well planned. Some part of it can be used as vegetable garden and other parts as decorative garden. It is very important to keep the surroundings very clean. Dirty surroundings with over-grown bushes and refuse is unhealthy. It could form a breeding space for household pests such as insects, rats, mosquitoes, snakes etc.

Uses of home surroundings
Home surroundings can be used for many purposes such as the following.
1. As playground for children.
2. Space for amity relaxation in the evenings.
3. For outdoor laundry and dying of clothes.
4. For outdoor cooking.
5. For storage for example water tanks, firewood etc.
6. For parties or social gatherings.
7. As space for packing cars.

8. As vegetable or decorative gardens.

importance Of cleanliness of home surroundings
A clean home surrounding is not bushy. It is not also a dumping space for refuse. Cleanliness of home surrounding is important because:
1. Household pests such as mosquitoes, flies, rats and dangerous animals ( for example snakes) cannot hide in a clean surrounding.
2. There will be no broken bottles to cause accidents.
3. A clean surrounding is attractive and welcoming.
4. It is also healthy for family members.
5. It is safe for children to play around.

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