The holiday we like

A recent survey has pointed out what people think their ideal holiday should be like. Among teenagers. a great numer of them said that they wouldn't like to have a quiet, relaxing holiday, but they would be happy If they could experience an adventouros holiday. Some of them said that they would prefer an outdoor holiday, maybe in a camping site, or at a farmhouse where they could enjoy the beauty of nature.
Most young people love doing trekking or doing rock climbing or walking in the mountains. Others prefer seaside resorts and doing sports such as surfing or sailing. Another group of young students said that they would prefer to have a cultural holiday, visiting interesting European capitals where they could enjoy museums, art exhibitions or music concerts.
Among older people, the survey revealed a wider interest in more relaxing holidays where they can enjoy good weather, good food and good friends. On this last aspect all the people interviewed agreed that a perfect holiday should include the presence of good friends you get on well with so that you can share your interests, your feelings and your emotions while travelling!

In my opinion, gain experiences of the genus, or at least of the travel experiences that you really like, make you feel the joy within you because it's also what makes you get excited just thinking about it.

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